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iPhone 5C LCD Replacement – Touchscreen and Digitizer Assembly

This iPhone 5c LCD replacement is ready to go! All you will have to transfer over is the ear speaker, loud speaker and home button.


Tech Cartel always prioritize quality over price, all our iPhone LCD’s are cold pressed to be suitable in all climates. Using a cold press process ensures the adhesive used is not heat sensitive. When a hot press application method is used the glue sealing the two parts together has a melting point. That is why in Summer or hotter climates your customers may complain that the Digitizer is peeling away from the LCD. Cold press LCD’s do not have this melting point and these issues will not arise causing headache to the customer and of course you as the repair technician. Our iPhone 5c LCD Replacements also have the same resolution as original parts otherwise known as Pixel-Free. You will notice there are no visible pixels on our iPhone 5c LCD Replacements and a combination of high quality back-light and crisp colors ensures the screen has a crisp white appearance rather than the low quality yellowish screens on the market.


Customers will receive a 6 month warranty on all products stocked. We have been very lucky since opening in 2015 to have got the point where our return rate is less than 1%. However, there will always be issues in the wholesale industry where a unit may slip through net. In this case you can just fill out an RMA form and we will replace any faulty product. Our customers are very happy with our iPhone 5c LCD’s and have very few returns. We want you to do the job once and feel confident in the products you are using.


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